Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the rain

ahh, if we could all be this happy all the time...

deron, did you eat the soap?

the other day, i checked on the bug in the tub and saw this.

And this on his face.

And this expression.

turns out it was just toothpaste residue. but it sure made me laugh!

beaver lake '08

sorry it's been so long, peeps. this post will be all about our trip to dallas for a second marriage conference and then on up to beaver lake. here we go!

we begin saturday morning having breakfast with an old friend, sarah!
she'll be getting married in december...

at the marriage conference hosted by marriage today (jimmy and karen evans)
these are our wonderful friends erin and "dr. morgan", clark.
after saturday's session we headed to the lake in northwest arkansas.
deron was ready to swim!

sunset on the lake. obviously, this year it was very full. this tree is usually out of the water.
deron kept seeing the boats go by all day and didn't get why he didn't get to ride on one. so we took him on the canoe. needless to say, it wasn't quite what he was expecting.

church on sunday morningmy sister and brother-in-law. she gets so embarrassed when he does this! i think it's cute.the garden at the church.

this is what i did most of sunday. as we sat here enjoying the fresh air, nature sounds and my book, a deer came out of the woods and grazed on the grass for about 15 minutes. talk about peaceful. i'd never seen a deer for that long! i had no idea what we were about to experience the next morning...bats behind a light on the carport. you may not think it's cool...here's a close-up! awesome!monday morning we started out the day going to a friend of my grandparents who owns about 10 acres on the top of one of the mountains. he's been feeding deer off his porch for about 10 years. we saw 9 deer total, including several fawns and a velvet buck. THAT was cool.a close-up of the deerthen we went out to eureka springs and visited the onyx cave thereafter lunch we visited thorncrown chapel,then, the beaver damafter a nap, hit the lake again.i just thought this was cute. hand puppets on the way home.it was a great trip!