Wednesday, July 29, 2009

8 days and counting!

Went to the doctor yesterday. Not really any new news, still at 3cm, everything looks great. He did wonder out loud whether I would actually make it to next Thursday, but we will just have to see! I have had several "is this it?!" moments, usually at night, but then we go to bed and nothing ever progresses. Maybe it's time to finally pack the inevitable hospital bag. It's strange though, I feel like since there's this preset date, I can put everything off until the day before. Not smart. I do though plan on getting a pedicure Monday or Tuesday of next week, just to be early. :) I have a whole bunch of stuff coming in, probably today, of the remaining "needed" stuff off my registry. This is extremely exciting!!! Not many things better than getting packages in the mail! And once they come, I will feel very ready for the new Mr. Crumpton.

Deron continually warms my heart how he talks about babies. He met our friend's new little Ella Claire last week in the hospital and was enamored at her. He held her (with daddy's help) so still and gently. How do kids know when something is so fragile? I can't wait for him to see his own little brother and see them look at each other and eventually play together! Only a few more days....

Monday, July 27, 2009

life with a 4-year old

Oh, life is interesting with a 4-year old in the house. I thought I'd dedicate this one to him. The video of the little girl is stolen from Eric Whitacre's blog where he mentions that this is what it feels like to live with a 4-year old. I had to laugh and agree. Those of you who have one (or have had) will totally understand.

Everything is "Why" or "When" or "How". And every sentence begins and ends with Mommy or Daddy. (Example: "Daddy, why are you drinking coffee, Daddy?")

Last night conversation as I was putting him to bed:

Mommy: ooh!

Deron: Mommy, why'd you say "ooh!"?

Mommy: (In an effort to sound smart to a 4-year old) Because I'm having a contraction.
Deron: What does contraction mean?

Mommy: It means Baby Jude wants to come out.

Deron: Oh dear.

But amidst all the questions and head-strong discussions (that really just remind me of... me), he's such a sweet kid. I love this bug.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Philip is posting. Weird.

I love my wife. Katy is the most beautiful, captivating, graceful and compassionate companion I could hope for.

27 and 37

Sunday I turned 27! It was a fun weekend. My parents drove out from Irving to celebrate (and bring a twin bed). We filled our time Saturday feeding ducks, playing at the park and the mall, buying some new books, going to a birthday party, and eating. I had planned on enjoying my birthday dinner at Perini Ranch: the best steak Philip and I have ever eaten (also I've read has catered at places like President Bush's ranch in Crawford several times). But, unfortunately, we didn't think about making reservations and didn't have time to wait for a possible outside table in an hour or more. Oh well. Next time maybe. I did get a pretty cool new digital camera that I'm excited about! Oh, and thank you sweet sis, for your blog post dedicated to me! It was super sweet!!

Sunday was a busy day! There was a guest speaker in town this weekend from California speaking at our church, at the prison here and other various places around the area. His name is "Big Al" Aceves. He is the co-founder of the Mongol Nation (or Mongol Motorcycle Club) in Southern CA. Talk about hard-core guy. Addicted to heroin for 35 years, killed people for a living, etc, etc. I've hardly heard a testimony as extreme as his. Yet now, he's one of the most tender people I've ever met. Truly a witness to God's mercy and encompassing forgiveness. I love it!

Sunday night I went to the Bible Study our women's ministry is doing. We are reading Supernatural Ways of Royalty by Kris Vallotton and Bill Johnson. This book is amazing! It is one of those that really will change the way you think, act, treat people, treat yourself, hold yourself, and relate to God. Seriously. It's about changing mindsets and ways of thinking to bring you to a place where you know you are part of the royal inheritance that is part of the Kingdom. Read it. And read it over again. We're only about halfway through the book study, but it has enlightened me in so many amazing ways- I can't wait to read more!!
In baby news, this week I'll be 37 weeks along! Only 2 1/2 more weeks left. Whew! We're almost there! I've been having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, some quite painful, but nothing extreme I guess. The cycle has begun though of everyone finally delivering their little bundles of joy! Missie had her son last week, and Amity is scheduled for Friday, another friend at our church next week, Valerie sometime very soon, etc, etc. It's all very exciting! And we are ready.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

very cool

This made me smile today!! I have no idea what they are singing, but it's cute!

Monday, July 13, 2009

lesson learned

Yesterday Philip decided he wanted to grill some sausage. No big deal. He cranks up the grill, slaps some sausage on and goes inside. Several minutes pass and I see billowing black smoke under the porch. We casually walk outside to see flames shooting out the back of our year-old propane family member about a foot and a half. Philip turns the gas off and we are smart enough to not open it up until the flames die down. Thanks, fire education in elementary school! Thankfully, I have a very prepared and cautious husband that keeps the grill the recommended distance away from the house, or we would have quite another story to tell today!

The fire completely charred the food (obviously) and killed the lining that was inside.

Needless to say, we did not have sausage for lunch yesterday. A bit of advice: pay attention to your grill and what you are cooking.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pregnancy Photoshoot

A great friend of mine, D'Nae Reber, offered to take our sweet family out for a pregnancy photoshoot. At the shower, there were several pictures, as well as a collage of them, decorating the house. It was so special to me to have documented such amazing pictures for such a sweet time in our family's life! There were many many to choose from, but here are a few of my favorites...

Jude's Shower

Last Tuesday I was so wonderfully blessed with a beautiful baby shower for the new little one. My mom and sister came out to Abilene to celebrate, and we had so much fun together! I think one of the best parts to the shower though, was getting to see some more old friends! Baby Jude got almost everything he needs to be all set (minus a few of the bigger items), and I've now spent my weekend washing clothes and preparing his little room for his big arrival in 4 short weeks!! Here are just a few pictures from the shower and our girl's day together.

My beautiful hostesses!

Traditional cake pose.

Erin drove in from Irving!! How great it was to see you!

Tamara also drove in from Dallas! She was my best friend and college roommate.

The blessing blanket- a staple in the baby showers around our church.

My great friend Amity and I. Her sweet little Ella is due July 24th. Almost there!

As you can see, silly runs in the family.

Mom, Di and I getting pedicures the next day. I neglected to tell you the Zookini's story: we ate there for dinner the night before and that night Deron threw up throughout the night and had diarrhea all day the next day. Thank you, Philip, for watching him while we got pampered!

33 weeks

A couple of weekends ago I went to visit my family in Irving, since my grandparents were in town from Arkansas (for a dental appointment nonetheless- I just think that's hilarious). My mom and I and one of her friends took my niece, nephew, Deron, and her friend's 2 grandchildren to a really cool water park in Valley Ranch. It was fun for the kids- even though bug almost pooped in the pool... *major phew!*
That night I caught up with a couple of old friends, Kara and Kristin! We had fun talking about our kids and jobs and future. Boy, how our conversation has changed over the years! It was great seeing you girls! And you others, who know who you are... you'd better be ready in the fall for another reunion!