Saturday, July 24, 2010


So we've been in our house for over a month now, but it still doesn't feel like home just yet. It doesn't smell right when we walk in the door, there are still boxes in the workshop, and I've only cooked a few meals since we've moved in. I'm really anticipating the moment when I can sit on the couch and sigh a happy sigh that I am home and relaxed. A big thing that I think will help is getting some window coverings for all of the windows in the living room- it's a bit exposed. We're saving for just the right shades, probably roman shades to give it some warm texture. Anyway, there are still plenty of projects to do, I just have to keep motivated to finish them and not get overwhelmed!

My days currently seem to be spent keeping bug from trampeling beetlebug as they wrestle or chase each other or wrestle some more. I didn't realize there would be so much wrestling! I'm glad we got plush carpet... Thankfully, Jude seems to love the attention his brother pays him and slams right back at him, he just (obviously) doesn't have the muscles to fight back. Deron carries him around the house all the time and is really great to keep him out of things if I ask him to. Deron might be feeling a bit under appreciated at times, since one of his favorite games to play is "second little baby".

Jude can climb up on the couches now and hasn't fallen off yet, he's very careful to swing his legs over the edge when getting off. We have 2 steps that go down into the boys' side of the house and I wanted to make sure he could do those just fine, and he does! No worrying here! He has taken a few steps and will stand for long periods of time, but walking is still in the very near future. He still has the sweetest countenance ever!

I had a voice lesson this week for a new student and remembered how much I love teaching voice. I can't wait for this next year to come around and see all of my students again! We have lots to learn and lots to accomplish this year! Yay! I ended the year with 10 students and at least 2 on a waiting list, so hopefully I'll grow my studio this year to accommodate more.

Philip is still as busy as ever. We're trying to figure out how he can have a day off without still having to work those hours on an EXTRA day just to get everything done. That makes no sense. Is that normal? People should be able to have a day off, right? Oh well, we're figuring it out. I would love to get up to my grandparent's lake house sometime this summer, but we'll see if that happens.

In other great news, we're expecting again!! I'm only about 9 weeks along, but I'm at the stage where I can't make it through the day without a nap. My body just shuts down about 1pm and I can't help it! My nausea is waning a bit, thankfully, but I just want to sit around and be sleepy! haha... We're really excited and have a sonogram Monday to "see how many are in there" as Philip keeps saying. :)

There you go! I know I left a ton out, but there's a little!

Friday, July 23, 2010

I am blessed...

A few weeks ago, I heard a brief comment from a speaker at our church who has very spiritually-minded and awesome children that he has them speak a few things over themselves every morning. It touched me deeply and I decided to do the same. So I sat down and asked the Holy Spirit to help me make a list of things I want my kids to know about themselves. I draw on these things then all day long, when they need correction or not, to remind them who and how awesome God made them!

I am blessed.
I am happy.
I am nice and fun to be around.
I am a helper.
I am anointed.
I am rich.
I am good-looking.
I will look for the greatest possible good that could happen in me and in those around me.
My words are pleasant and bring life.
My tongue is used to encourage and lift up.
Rebellion, deceit and dishonor are far from me and will not influence me.
I will call on the powerful Name of Jesus to give me authority and power in all situations.
God's peace will be where I walk and His joy is what I proclaim!

Friday, July 16, 2010

grandpa's 90th birthday bash!

This year my grandpa turned 90! (And my grandma is right behind him.) In true Houseworth-family tradition, we had a good excuse to all get together and party! We had fun seeing cousins and aunts and uncles from Portland to Colorado to New Jersey and Texas, of course. Here are a few pics of our few days of celebrating, but there are definitely more on facebook, if you're interested.

We loved seeing each other and honoring grandpa, but some of the coolest part was a table full of memorabilia from his days in the Air Force. He was a Lt. Col. and flew Fighters. They had his uniform, all of his medals, log books dating back to the 40s, drawings, pictures, and so much more! What wonderful history!

(The great-grandkids showing off their El Fenix tatoos.)