Monday, February 23, 2009


We've been up to a lot! First order of business: the Champions Church Valentine's Banquet '09. Always held at the luxurious *formerly* Fairway Oaks Country Club. Here are a few pictures from our evening.

This is my great friend, Amity. We're due probably about 5-6 days apart. Her little boy, Aaron and Deron are also great friends. We're excited to have somem new little playmates to grow up together!
Yay for 2nd trimester!

I know this is a random picture of our food, but I thought it was so funny it looked like a face!

As of today, I'm about 15 1/2 weeks along in this wonderful pregnancy! I'm definitely getting my energy back. It's funny how you never think you will, isn't it? Granted, working all day and such can make ANYONE tired. Kudos to working moms out there. I have a newfound respect and admiration!

I (finally) had my first real doctor's appointment last Tuesday, thinking it would be just general history and physical type stuff, but my doctor saw that we were there and he made a special visit in to see us and give us an ultrasound! It wasn't planned at all, in fact, he even made the comment he was out of practice since all the ultrasounds are done now at a different office. It meant so much to me for him to pay us a special visit because of our history and relationship Philip and I both have with him. What a great doctor! Anyway, here are some 15 week sonogram shots of our precious new bundle. S/he was wiggling around so much and having a grand time. It was heaven hearing the heartbeat, and seeing her/him move around was elating!

Here's a profile view (sorry it's blurry).
It's hard to see clearly in this picture, but the hand is up by the face like s/he's waving! Hi mom and dad!

This is another semi-profile.

In other news, I'm sick of Deron being sick! I knew he'd be getting sick a little more often due to being in school getting exposed to all of the new germs, but once a week? Really? 4 weeks ago it was double ear infections, 2 weeks ago it was a stomach bug, last week it was a combination of weird stuff including minor earache, ear drainage (there's a new one for me), but no "nailed down" symptoms. He just took Friday off and slept ALL day. So you know something's up. I'm ready for that to end. At least flu season is almost over. I'm glad Philip and I are staying well. I sure am being exposed to a lot too, but by God's protection, I've stayed illness-free since school started. Almost half-way there... I can taste the graduation cake....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

thoughts on student teaching #3

I told the kids last Friday that I was expecting another little one in August. Reactions were much varied and mostly hilarious. Several 4th grade boys in different classes shouted out, "I KNEW it! I was going to ask you about that!" I quickly told them that you should never, under any circumstances ask a woman if they are pregnant, but to let HER share her secret. Some of the 5th grade girls squealed and hugged me like I was their b.f.f.e. (Although, these same girls have told me several times that I have the "cutest clothes ever!" and asked me where I shop. - I never knew I could get my day made by a couple of 11 going on 17 year-olds.) The 3rd graders are always my favorite, so charming and still mostly innocent. They were mostly in shock and awe, except for a few that were a little upset that I've waited SO long to tell them. They couldn't stand knowing that I've known longer than them and have kept it from them for weeks! How rude! haha

Today, my first 3rd grade class asked if I had had the baby. Without going into detail, I then had a class discussion on how long it takes a baby to grow inside it's mother. No, it's not one week.

We had the best lesson today in 5th grade. We watched "Joyful, Joyful" from Sister Act 2, because we had learned the "traditional" way to sing it yesterday, and were exploring new ways to sing it. The comments were wonderful! When describing the differences they heard in the different versions, it came up that one kid had heard the traditional version in church. One boy said, "yeah, I've heard it there too. I know 'cause it's slow and boring." That made me giggle.. I was thinking, not at my church! It was so fun to watch them get excited about music. One boy even said I sounded JUST like the "black girl" on the movie... another smile that made my day. Thanks, kids!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Kara tagged me on this ever-popular survey of "25 random things about me"! Sorry to all my "besties" on facebook. I admit I just copied it over. Enjoy.

1. I started out as a psychology major in college.
2. I love picking bumps. (Gross, I know)
3. I love to dance.
4. I went on a Dallas Chrysalis flight in 1997. (Flight #37 Table of Rutti Tutti Fresh and Fruitti!)
5. Before I met Philip I ALWAYS had a crush on some boy since like the 2nd grade.
6. I'm a pretty great cook if I do say so.
7. I HATE leaving the house without making the bed.
8. I really want to go hiking in the mountains for a week.
9. I can sing you tons of classical pieces, but I have a very hard time remembering the titles- even after years of study, and a lifetime of listening to Classical Radio.
10. 98% of everyone in my family plays an instrument and sings.
11. I love camping.
12. Dark chocolate is far superior to milk chocolate.
13. I used to think it would be fun to move all the furniture around in the house just for kicks. Like the bedroom into the living room and the dining room into the guest room. Then we had a child. I have no desire for that any longer.
14. I like filing.
15. I love when I'm traveling in the car on Saturday mornings so I listen to "From the Top" on NPR.
16. I had a guinea pig named Cosette as a girl. She had a tragic death.
17. I grew up using a Mac. The old kind. Where the disk drive was in the monitor. And it was only black and white. I think the screen was maybe 10 inches.
18. I used to want to be the voice of a character in a Disney movie. I think Ariel inspired me.
19. I took AP Art in High School and scored a 4 on my portfolio.
20. I played varsity tennis in high school and loved it. I still want to play in a league (maybe after the baby...)
21. In college my roommates and good guy friends (including Philip) were discussing our priorities in our future spouses. He completely described me (without knowing it), and it really freaked me out.
22. I want to learn to play the violin.
23. I'd like to go back to school (later) to be a nurse.
24. Once I was so bored in the summer, I began typing the script to Forrest Gump on the computer. Play the movie, pause, type, play, pause, type.
25. I've never been to a jazz club, but really want to go to a non-smoky, weird one. Any suggestions?