Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm published!

I was asked by a friend of ours if they could run a story about my Isagenix journey and of course I said yes!! Here it is!

My name is Katy Crumpton, I'm a stay at home mommy of 3 incredible boys ages 8, 3, and 2.  I've been married to my best friend Philip for 9 1/2 years.  We met at Hardin-Simmons in the music department.  Our home is always loud, fun and full of excitement!  I've always enjoyed exercise.  I was a varsity tennis player in high school and have worked out 5 days a week for years.  And I've been overweight for as long as I can remember.  Even in high school, I weighed over 200 lbs. Last year I turned 30 and decided to do something I've always wanted to do: become a runner. Specifically, run a half marathon.  I had NEVER run before.  So I started Couch to 5K and when I completed that, kept going.  After several months of training 6 days a week, investing in the right gear, getting up at 5am on Saturdays to do my long runs before it got hot and before soccer practice, I completed my first half marathon (Marathoning for Miracles in November) and ran it the whole way!  What a fun accomplishment!!  However, even putting in 20+ miles on average on the pavement a week, I only lost 5 lbs.  

Our family rarely eats fast food, or even at restaurants (remember, we have 3 kids!), we eat whole, organic foods.  So why wasn't I able to shed some pounds exercising 6 days a week??  In January, my husband, me, and our best friends decided to do something together to help get all of us healthier.  I needed to lose 50 lbs and had no idea how to get to where I wanted to be and where I should be!

We decided to try Isagenix after I remembered a friend I had met several years prior in a business roundtable endorsed it.  Her name is Kelli Calabrese.  She is a fitness expert, personal trainer, bootcamp owner, and has won many awards in her field. She was also sought out to interview for Jillian Michaels' replacement several years ago on Biggest Loser.  So when she talks fitness and health, I listen.  When I met her, I actually didn't even know she did anything with Isagenix.  I just knew of her other business ventures and reputation.  Now I know that in her bootcamp facilities, she encourages all of her clients to supplement their workouts with Isagenix products to get the maximum results possible and to help people achieve their goals.  What attracted me to Isagenix also went along with our approach to food in general.  We already held a belief about organic foods being best for our bodies and limiting toxins as much as possible to ward off disease and sickness, and Isagenix holds the same belief.  All of their products are natural, organic when possible, and of the highest quality.  This was a major plus for us! 

So January 8th, we started our first 30Day system.  The 30Day system involves drinking shakes twice a day, eating a nutritious, balanced meal at lunch and doing cleanses 4 times throughout the month.  The shakes are made from undenatured whey protein from New Zealand cows and include active enzymes that aid in digestion.  They are full of botanicals, vitamins, and amino acids that most of our food is lacking in.  There are several products that really work together in the system as a whole.  It is designed to provide your body dense nutrition as it detoxes your body.  Once your body is freed up from the junk that gets in from everyday life, it is able to function so much better and you're left with so much more energy and vitality than you had before! You really don't know how bad you feel until you start feeling good!  Within 10 days, I had lost 10lbs and I was completely shocked!  I felt great, had enormous energy, and couldn't wait to keep going!  

At the end of 30 days, I had lost 18.5lbs and Philip had lost an amazing 22.5lbs! We were new people!  My husband, who hadn't exercised in years, took up running because he just felt so good!  I still had weight to lose, so I kept doing 30 Day systems back to back.  At the end of 6 months, I'm now down 40lbs and Philip is down 50! That's 90lbs less in the Crumpton house!  We're down several sizes and I'm smaller than I ever remember.  

On a trip Philip and I took recently, we hiked Enchanted Rock near Fredericksburg and it wasn't tough at all.  This would not have been the case just months ago.  It's always been my dream to have an active family, going on hikes, bikerides, playing basketball together and now I can actually see that happening. I still have a goal to meet- 10-15 more lbs, but now I have a plan and that's the best feeling.  

For a long time I thought weight-loss was an unattainable idea.  I didn't want to do it by unnatural means, not that it's wrong.  But it doesn't scare me any longer to get to where I want to be.  Even if I take a vacation and completely eat terrible (although those foods are less tempting now), or I have an indulgent weekend, I know now what to do.  I can take a day or 2 to cleanse and get that junk out of my system and feed my body right again.  In actuality, the feeling of being healthy far outweighs the fleeting satisfaction of downing 10 buffalo wings and a basket of fries.  Isagenix will be in our kitchen for a long, long time.

Isagenix really is a solution-based company.  Whether you're looking for weight loss, more energy, greater performance, better quality sleep, joint pain relief, healthy skin or healthy aging, there is a natural solution for you.  It's fun when people notice how different you look and ask what you're doing.  It's fun putting on jeans that have been on the shelf for 7 years thinking someday you might be able to fit in them and them being 2 sizes to big.  It's fun hugging your spouse and not having so much to get around.  It's fun having a solution that can help people.  And that may just be the best part.  If you need a jumpstart to weight loss or need more energy or any of the problems I listed above, please contact me.  I would love to introduce you to this awesome company and personally coach you to achieve your own goals.
(325) 428-6755

Friday, June 14, 2013

If you're gonna pay the money, know what you're buying.

I get asked a lot what is the difference between Isagenix and Advocare, Body by Vi, Shakeology, Herbalife, etc...

I will be the first to admit that I don't know the ins and outs of all of these companies, but looking only at nutrition, this is what stood out to me as the most pertinent information.  I'm a huge advocate for non-GMO, all natural, all organic foods, so if a person doesn't have a revelation about the toxicity that is in these kinds of chemically-laden foods, I can't make them have an epiphany about it.  Watch some documentaries.  Do some research.  Eat an organic apple, for Pete's sake.  It'll be the best apple you've ever tasted!

I'm just going to say what Isagenix DOES have to offer you as far as nutritional value and purity, not what others don't.

A) Isagenix has formulated an undenatured whey protein that is far superior to anything you'll ever see in lets say... Popeyes.  Isagenix protein is gluten-and soy-free. It is sourced exclusively from New-Zealand grass-fed cows that have not been treated with hormones or antibiotics. Isagenix  protein contains a high concentration of branch-chain amino acids to boost muscle growth and maintenance and help speed post-workout recovery. Here are four key facts that you should know about Isagenix protein.

(Information provided by Isagenix)

1) Pure and Natural: Whey is extracted from milk by numerous methods, the most common is using acids or salts and heat, which denatures the whey. Denaturing breaks down the protein and strips the whey of its natural, high quality benefits. It also destroys bio active compounds that have multiple benefits for humans.  Isagenix uses more scientific processes that ensures the whey in their shakes is 100% undenatured. 

2) Key Amino Acid ProfileUndenatured whey contains numerous amino acid pairs and amino acid triples that fit specific genetic locks in the body to turn on protein functions. Studies show undenatured whey also supports production of glutathione, a key antioxidant for battling oxidative stress and guarding telomere health (telomeres are associated with aging).
3) Better Than Soy: There are a number of meal replacement shakes out there with soy protein. Research shows that whey protein surpasses the results of soy-based shakes for fat burning and muscle retention and growth. Whey protein increases your ability to stay full longer and stimulates the production of heat in the human body so you can burn more calories.
4) Benefits of Isagenix Whey Protein: Isagenix whey protein is sourced from New Zealand where standards exceed USDA organic and is put through an ultrafiltration process that keeps the whey intact (Undenatured). Its superior amino acid profile, with a high concentration of branched-chain amino acids, supports lean muscle growth.

B) The shakes include added active enzymes that help to break down the carbohydrates, proteins and fats for maximum absorption of key nutrients.

C) There are no artificial flavors, colors, ingredients or sweeteners. Some other shakes include sucralose, which is a chemically derived sweetener.  AKA Splenda.  Here's just one article on why sucralose might not be the best idea.  Isagenix uses fructose, a naturally occurring sugar found in fruits and vegetables.

D) It's safe for kids, pregnant and breastfeeding women.  Not EVERY product Isagenix has to offer is safe for all categories, but the majority of them are.  For instance, since during pregnancy it's important to have a healthy intake of calories for proper growth of the baby, shakes are wonderful compliments in a normal diet.  Children, bf and pregnant moms are not advised to cleanse, for obvious reasons.  Here's a chart that shows commen allergens and age requirements for all the Isagenix products.

Have any other questions? Look here for answers to the Top 25 FAQs.

6 months down the road...

Well, here I am again! 6 months into Isagenix cleansing and I finally reached a huge milestone- 40 lbs!!! FORTY! Someone told me that I should stop, that I look beautiful, but I still haven't reached my final goal to weigh 150 lbs, which is a normal weight for my height. I am taking a couple months off to learn how to maintain and just enjoy the summer.  I've been doing this for 1/2 a year, ya know.  Don't get me wrong.  I feel AMAZING.  Love having a flatter stomach, muscles I've NEVER seen before, and lots of energy!

So here are some fun before and after pics to share in the fun!

Oh, and my darling hubby is 2.5 lbs away from his goal of FIFTY POUNDS lost!! Amazing! I'm so proud of him!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

It's a process...

Since we finished our challenge last week, and next week (Tues), I start the next 30day challenge, this week was a little weird for me. For the most part I stayed pretty much on target... sorta.  I typically had 2 shakes per day and a healthy lunch, but I slacked on my supplements, drank a little too much coffee, and once Valentine's Day came, I really let loose. BUT I knew it was coming, and I gave myself permission to do so.

The cool thing about all of this is, I feel like I have a plan now.  If I want to indulge a little, I do.  Ad I typically won't enjoy it as much as I think I will anyway.

We went out to dinner on Thursday night, had wine, pasta, bread, coffee...and it was fun! Friday night we had a Valentine's dinner with our best friends at theirs house, and we had more wine, bread, dinner, and dessert! And today (Saturday), I had a shake for breakfast, but then we had our son's 2nd birthday party! So, my plan has been to do a cleanse tomorrow and start the week off on a good foot.

And you know? I haven't been as excited about a cleanse as I am right now ever.  I just know how good I'm going to feel! And I'm even more excited to get back into routine and start losing weight again!! Woohoo!

I watched a documentary (one of my favorite things to do-especially when the hubby is away) tonight, called Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America's Greatest Threat (on Netflix).   It was just describing the woes of American culture and how we are doomed in so many ways and how money is the major factor in everything, and oil industry, corn industry, and pharmaceuticals are the 3 major components to the epidemic of obesity in America.  Oil is in the fertilizer that we use to grow the corn to feed the animals(which they shouldn't eat anyway)/or highly process it to put in 95% of most packaged or not-real food that we eat, then we're consuming this nasty garbage that gives us terrible diseases like diabetes or whatever that we need medicine for to just function.  It's absolutely insane.

But one quote I heard from someone on that documentary was talking about the desire we as humans have to eat rich foods, whether high in fat, sugar, whatever.  Because we were created to eat real, whole foods.  So when we came across something that was rich, there was no way for it to be in high quantity, so it was good for our bodies to take in small amounts of these rich foods to store for later.  Well, the innate desire for that is still there.  It's part of our make up.  But it's actually an unfortunate situation for us because the odds are all stacked against us.  We are more stressed, more tired, more busy, and our desires for these non-foods are so readily available.  So it's really the fact that we are in the wrong place and time for where we are... If that makes sense.

So, fight those urges, teach your children, and do some research into what's the best for you.  You won't regret it.