Monday, February 18, 2013

It's a process...

Since we finished our challenge last week, and next week (Tues), I start the next 30day challenge, this week was a little weird for me. For the most part I stayed pretty much on target... sorta.  I typically had 2 shakes per day and a healthy lunch, but I slacked on my supplements, drank a little too much coffee, and once Valentine's Day came, I really let loose. BUT I knew it was coming, and I gave myself permission to do so.

The cool thing about all of this is, I feel like I have a plan now.  If I want to indulge a little, I do.  Ad I typically won't enjoy it as much as I think I will anyway.

We went out to dinner on Thursday night, had wine, pasta, bread, coffee...and it was fun! Friday night we had a Valentine's dinner with our best friends at theirs house, and we had more wine, bread, dinner, and dessert! And today (Saturday), I had a shake for breakfast, but then we had our son's 2nd birthday party! So, my plan has been to do a cleanse tomorrow and start the week off on a good foot.

And you know? I haven't been as excited about a cleanse as I am right now ever.  I just know how good I'm going to feel! And I'm even more excited to get back into routine and start losing weight again!! Woohoo!

I watched a documentary (one of my favorite things to do-especially when the hubby is away) tonight, called Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America's Greatest Threat (on Netflix).   It was just describing the woes of American culture and how we are doomed in so many ways and how money is the major factor in everything, and oil industry, corn industry, and pharmaceuticals are the 3 major components to the epidemic of obesity in America.  Oil is in the fertilizer that we use to grow the corn to feed the animals(which they shouldn't eat anyway)/or highly process it to put in 95% of most packaged or not-real food that we eat, then we're consuming this nasty garbage that gives us terrible diseases like diabetes or whatever that we need medicine for to just function.  It's absolutely insane.

But one quote I heard from someone on that documentary was talking about the desire we as humans have to eat rich foods, whether high in fat, sugar, whatever.  Because we were created to eat real, whole foods.  So when we came across something that was rich, there was no way for it to be in high quantity, so it was good for our bodies to take in small amounts of these rich foods to store for later.  Well, the innate desire for that is still there.  It's part of our make up.  But it's actually an unfortunate situation for us because the odds are all stacked against us.  We are more stressed, more tired, more busy, and our desires for these non-foods are so readily available.  So it's really the fact that we are in the wrong place and time for where we are... If that makes sense.

So, fight those urges, teach your children, and do some research into what's the best for you.  You won't regret it.

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