Friday, June 14, 2013

If you're gonna pay the money, know what you're buying.

I get asked a lot what is the difference between Isagenix and Advocare, Body by Vi, Shakeology, Herbalife, etc...

I will be the first to admit that I don't know the ins and outs of all of these companies, but looking only at nutrition, this is what stood out to me as the most pertinent information.  I'm a huge advocate for non-GMO, all natural, all organic foods, so if a person doesn't have a revelation about the toxicity that is in these kinds of chemically-laden foods, I can't make them have an epiphany about it.  Watch some documentaries.  Do some research.  Eat an organic apple, for Pete's sake.  It'll be the best apple you've ever tasted!

I'm just going to say what Isagenix DOES have to offer you as far as nutritional value and purity, not what others don't.

A) Isagenix has formulated an undenatured whey protein that is far superior to anything you'll ever see in lets say... Popeyes.  Isagenix protein is gluten-and soy-free. It is sourced exclusively from New-Zealand grass-fed cows that have not been treated with hormones or antibiotics. Isagenix  protein contains a high concentration of branch-chain amino acids to boost muscle growth and maintenance and help speed post-workout recovery. Here are four key facts that you should know about Isagenix protein.

(Information provided by Isagenix)

1) Pure and Natural: Whey is extracted from milk by numerous methods, the most common is using acids or salts and heat, which denatures the whey. Denaturing breaks down the protein and strips the whey of its natural, high quality benefits. It also destroys bio active compounds that have multiple benefits for humans.  Isagenix uses more scientific processes that ensures the whey in their shakes is 100% undenatured. 

2) Key Amino Acid ProfileUndenatured whey contains numerous amino acid pairs and amino acid triples that fit specific genetic locks in the body to turn on protein functions. Studies show undenatured whey also supports production of glutathione, a key antioxidant for battling oxidative stress and guarding telomere health (telomeres are associated with aging).
3) Better Than Soy: There are a number of meal replacement shakes out there with soy protein. Research shows that whey protein surpasses the results of soy-based shakes for fat burning and muscle retention and growth. Whey protein increases your ability to stay full longer and stimulates the production of heat in the human body so you can burn more calories.
4) Benefits of Isagenix Whey Protein: Isagenix whey protein is sourced from New Zealand where standards exceed USDA organic and is put through an ultrafiltration process that keeps the whey intact (Undenatured). Its superior amino acid profile, with a high concentration of branched-chain amino acids, supports lean muscle growth.

B) The shakes include added active enzymes that help to break down the carbohydrates, proteins and fats for maximum absorption of key nutrients.

C) There are no artificial flavors, colors, ingredients or sweeteners. Some other shakes include sucralose, which is a chemically derived sweetener.  AKA Splenda.  Here's just one article on why sucralose might not be the best idea.  Isagenix uses fructose, a naturally occurring sugar found in fruits and vegetables.

D) It's safe for kids, pregnant and breastfeeding women.  Not EVERY product Isagenix has to offer is safe for all categories, but the majority of them are.  For instance, since during pregnancy it's important to have a healthy intake of calories for proper growth of the baby, shakes are wonderful compliments in a normal diet.  Children, bf and pregnant moms are not advised to cleanse, for obvious reasons.  Here's a chart that shows commen allergens and age requirements for all the Isagenix products.

Have any other questions? Look here for answers to the Top 25 FAQs.

6 months down the road...

Well, here I am again! 6 months into Isagenix cleansing and I finally reached a huge milestone- 40 lbs!!! FORTY! Someone told me that I should stop, that I look beautiful, but I still haven't reached my final goal to weigh 150 lbs, which is a normal weight for my height. I am taking a couple months off to learn how to maintain and just enjoy the summer.  I've been doing this for 1/2 a year, ya know.  Don't get me wrong.  I feel AMAZING.  Love having a flatter stomach, muscles I've NEVER seen before, and lots of energy!

So here are some fun before and after pics to share in the fun!

Oh, and my darling hubby is 2.5 lbs away from his goal of FIFTY POUNDS lost!! Amazing! I'm so proud of him!!