Monday, December 22, 2008

Crumpton Christmas

I don't really have a lot to blog about. Philip and I were yuckily sick all last week- and I'm talking ALL week. Poor Deron. He heard a lot of "can you go play in your room?" and "what movie do you want to watch now?" last week. BUT, except for a minor sore throat for me, we are back to normal. I had underestimated the power of the cool-mist humidifier. That thing rocks! I had used it for Deron when he was a baby all the time, but not really for us. Let me tell ya- if you're suffering from severe head/sinus congestion, run that baby overnight in your bedroom, and the next morning you'll be almost cured! Breathing through your nose, blowing "productive" amounts out of your nose, it's a miracle invention!

That's about it. Sad. Christmas is this week and we're all feeling "what? are we supposed to be feeling the 'Christmas spirit' yet? is it already here?". I don't know about you guys, but when I was a kid, Christmas break was a LONG break! It was practically summer vacation! (Ok, that's a bit of a hyperbole.) But things actually slowed down. You got up late, watched TV all day, then watched some Christmas movies in the evenings. You went to Christmas concerts and ice skated with friends. Had party after party all preparing you for that. day. This year has been different. I don't feel ready. I feel like it's going to just blow right past me and I'll never know what hit me. Philip and I were thinking sadly that this might be the way you live the Christmas season as an adult. As a kid you always hear of the "hustle and bustle" of it. Sure I had parties and events, but they were all so fun, and hardly stressful. Well, if this is the way adults tend to experience Christmas, I'd like to not partake, thank you. I'll just stay happy-go-lucky and enjoy it all, if I may. I AM always ready for a party though, and to celebrate the birth of the Most Glorious is a pretty awesome reason for one!

Here's some family pictures recently taken by a great friend of ours.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

happy number five!

Today, five whole years ago, I started the most wonderful adventure of my life. I got married to the most wonderful, inspiring, handsome, Godly man in the world!

Thank you, honey, for always being a rock that I can cling to. You are truly the man of my dreams, my heart's desire, and my soul's mate. We've grown so much, and I thank God every day for you.
Here's to many many more spectacular years in your arms...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Deron's been sick since Saturday. Yuck. Not sure exactly what started it all, but he started running a high fever (like up to 104.7!) and finally I took him to the doctor Monday. (Which I hate- I won't get on a rant now for all of you facebookies that have heard it already...) Thought he was doing better yesterday, but then today all the congestion started in like crazy. This "bobby" gets so tired when her kid is sick. As I'm sure all mommies do.

Good news now: The semester's over!!! I took my last final ever Tuesday, and man that's a great feeling. I also passed my comps, took my practice ppr exam today and made an 84. Missed it by 1 point! I need an 85 to be able to take the real test, so I'll have to take the practice again. But I wasn't too disappointed since I didn't study at all for it. I am so ready to be able to have more time to spend with... everyone! Yay for Christmas!

I miss church so bad! I never realize how much I love it until I have to miss it. Tonight was the youth's Christmas party, so I hoping Philip will bring me a plate of yummies. :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The holiday was good! It was so nice to have several days off. We were about to hit that peak of exhaustion, but it came just in time. This was year #4 of making 0ur famous Alton Brown turkey (if you haven't tried it, you MUST next year). Never before had I had truly juicy turkey. Yummmmy. But you brine it for 6 hours, which means putting it in the brine at 3am, turning it over at 6am, then finally starting to cook it at 9am. It's not so bad once you get used to it I guess. Not so much different than waking to tend to a baby, right? (no, that's not a round-about way to say I'm pregnant.)

We also made my family's traditional souberage, a cheese dish, layered with phyllo and parsley. And a really great pecan pie that uses 5 1/2 CUPS of pecans! This year my mother-in-law shelled them all from her pecan tree in her back yard, so it was even more special! I just love getting up on Thanksgiving and watching the parade as I smell cooking in the kitchen...

We ate and ate at my sister-in-laws and watched as Philip beat us silly on Brain Academy on the Wii. Then we saw Philip's grandparents at the hospital, Philip discovered an extremely long nose hair, then we took a nice walk together, ate some more and then went home to a cozy house. My parents came out the next day and we had such a good visit with them! My mom even came and worked out with me on Saturday! One step closer to the TV.... If any of you come out this way, call me and we'll go to the gym!!

Monday morning was a rude awakening for Philip and I. We realized that there is a mountain of things to get done this week. One of them being my senior comprehensive exams for music and music ed. Music is score study and verbal exam, music ed is verbal as well (so I thought. It then thankfully got changed last minute to written). This is scary, because it's been how many years since theory or form and analysis or orchestration or instrumental perspectives?? At least 5 years. That's a long time. Anyway, there are 2 MORE comprehensive exams I have to take for education before I graduate, so I needed to take the music ed. portion of that one. Fortunately, I discovered that if I pass that with an 85, I will be exempt from the sen. comp music ed. portion. Is this getting confusing? Anyway, good thing I am married to a music GENIOUS, because we studied things I haven't THOUGHT of in many years off the top of his head, and it turned out to be an incredible review. I took the practice test Monday, scored a 78. Took it again this afternoon, made a 91. Yay. Check.

Still have to study for my score study comp, then take the REAL music ed. PPR test, and then the practice PPR (for teacher certification) and then the REAL PPR. *sigh* I guess they're just getting us teachers ready for all the gov't assessment that happens to students regularly. Have I mentioned this stuff costs money, too? Fortunately, the practice tests are free, but just to be certified, I have to pay $85 or something like that to take the real PPR test, and then just to get my certificate and finger prints and background check, I have to pay another $120!! That's all around the time that I am going to be paying for preschool so that I
can basically have a full-time job and not get paid (student teaching). That will be exciting to see how God provides.

Oh well, it's the end of the year. Days counting down. I can smell the icecicles and the fireplaces and the Christmas cookies. I can't wait for those days...