Saturday, January 16, 2010

hard habit to break

Boy, I've been out of the habit of keeping a blog. And it shows.

Things are good! Tonight I got my 8th student in my voice studio. I'm so blessed to have found a job that I USE my degree, and I LOVE! Really, you should try it. It's very rewarding. Last week I had 5 students, this week, 8! And probably more on the way! What's even more special about this number is that it reaches a goal Philip and I have had for years for a monthly income. God is so good to remember our requests and honor them when we honor Him!! Praise Him for His provision and endless love!

Jude is cute as can be. He's 5 1/2 months now, rolling, scooching, grabbing, and sitting (until he loses his balance). He has the cutest laugh and loves smiling so huge at everyone! We're finally figuring out a good schedule, too. If you remember, he started sleeping 10 hours at night at about 2 mo. Then he got sick and the time change happened and it totally messed him up. He started waking up 2-3 times at night again and kept that going until last week when Philip and I decided that was enough of that. We tried crying it out (sorta) during the night, but he would wail and scream so hard... Then last week I was talking with a few moms that made me realize that now since he's waking at about 4am, he probably is legitimately getting hungry, since he goes to bed at 8. So, the last few nights I've gotten up, fed him, and he goes right back to sleep for several hours.

Also, we're in the process of weaning. I love breastfeeding and think it's absolutely the best thing for a baby. But there just comes a time when, well, it's just time. I have peace about it. And it's almost been 6 months. Deron went 8 months. The thing is, I just don't think I'm making enough to satisfy him completely. So, we've been playing around with supplementing and such, and he's been SO happy! He's also eating cereal and veggies! What a big boy!

Isn't it funny how the big milestones in life have to do with food and poop? Think on that.

I'm still working out at least 4 times a week at my awesome gym (I love it there). I really love the people I'm around, most of them encouraging and interested in you. I've had so many people tell me how good I look and how I've lost weight (I wish...) since I came back after having Jude. Truth is, I still have about 8 pounds left to get back to pre-pregnancy, and it's proving quite difficult. I'm not obsessed, just wanting to find something more. I've started little by little to start running in addition to my normal classes during the week at the gym. Even if I get there 30 min. early, I can knock off a few miles and challenge my heart. It feels great to have a new challenge!

Deron is at his new school (at our church). He's loving it, making new friends, and surprising his teachers. He's such a smart kiddo. And he's reading now as well. I'm so proud! And he's such a sweet big brother. And Jude laughs and smiles and talks to Deron like he wants to be just like him. It's great!

Well, there's an update for you all. Blessings!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

a year in review

goodbye 2009, it was a great ride!

January - I started my last semester of college and spent it student teaching. I realized I did not want to be an elementary music teacher (kudos to those that are!) and did not want to be a working mom either. So much stress! Deron had to stay in daycare and I hated to leave him there all day! We also let everyone know we'd be welcoming another little Crumpton into our family!

February- More student teaching. We had the annual Valentine's Banquet at the church- always a fun event.

March- Deron turned the big number FOUR and we found out our little jelly bean was a boy! We let everyone know his name in a birthday card to Deron at his party. I made a train cake that turned out really "Eastery".

April- I was student teaching at a high school in town and liked it a lot more, but still realized that teaching in a classroom was really not something that excited me.

May- Graduation!!! Finally, 9 years after starting (with a few "out" years in between, I finished my degree! It was amazing to have my grandparents in town who had never seen our house. And most of my family. I felt so supported and honored. We also received a van as a graduation present which put my mommy worries at ease!! (We'd been with only one car for over a year and a half, and I did not know how we would handle traveling anywhere with 4 people and all of our STUFF!)

June- Deron and I spent the majority of the month at the swimming pool, soaking up rays and keeping occupied! Philip took the first summer class ever. Philip and I also took our yearly "getaway" weekend trip just the two of us to Dallas. We had a wonderful time without our wonderful bug, eating at great new restaurants and exploring.

July- I turned 27. Geez. I never want to be a person who is ashamed of her age- I think it's silly. But it just amazes me that I'm already there. Philip took more summer classes, so we couldn't go on vacation. :( I had a wonderful baby shower in Abilene with tons of special friends. I'm still so honored that Erin and Tamara came out from Dallas!

August- Our beautiful beetle bug, Jude, was born. Right on time (thank you, planned c-section). He is the biggest smiler you've ever seen and such a cuddler. I can't imagine our family without him now. Deron started pre-school at Cornerstone Christian School where I taught music for a semester a year or so ago. He made some great friends and really started excelling in reading and math. I also started teaching private voice lessons to high school students in Abilene. I found out that this is what I want to do. I love it for so many reasons! By the end of the semester I have 5 students.

September- At 5 week postpartum I started -slowly- working out again at the gym (where before I was student teaching, I was working out 5 days a week). I was so anxious to be back! I had done BodyFlow (yoga/tai chi/pilates mix) several times a week up to 2 weeks before Jude was born, and I really think that helped recovery immensely. Philip started his last semester of school with a whopping 16 hours, working full-time at the church, preparing for his senior composition recital, co-leading a Connect Group at our church, and trying to be an attentive daddy, hubby, and partner. We knew it would be the toughest semester yet, so we just bit it and moved forward with infinite understanding and grace. We also attended a marriage conference in Colleyville by Pastor Jimmy and Karen Evans on financial intimacy. It revolutionized our outlook on our finances!

October- Pretty much the same... rehearsals for Philip's recital started taking up several evenings a week on top of schoolwork and homework and studying. It was really hard with a newborn in the house to stay on top of everyday things, but we kept going. We made a commitment to have a weekly date night a year and a half prior to this, so that was an easy consistent getaway for us every week. Thank you, Jesus!

November- Philip had his senior composition recital which turned out wonderfully! I was so proud of him for his talent and excellence! And some of my family were able to come out to support him, which was awesome. Also, the HSU orchestra premiered a work Philip wrote, which was a total blessing. He had submitted the score just with the intent to get it read through! Jude got sick for the first time this month, with double ear infections, a staph infection, and a weird diaper rash. Since then (and still), he has not slept through the night. It had been a typical 10-hour stint for months! *sigh* We're working on that now. Deron also caught a yucky stomach bug.

December- Deron finished up at Cornerstone, I went on break from teaching, and Philip GRADUATED!! We held a nice reception for him at our church, and he received enough money to buy a nice computer he's been wanting to build. (In fact, as I write this, he's researching and salivating over the parts he's bought and I think I see a leg-twitch of excitement.) I am so proud of him in so many ways, and want to brag that he graduated with a 3.99 GPA. (He only received one "B", and that was because when he dropped out, he had such a high average in one class that with missing everything else in the semester, he still ended up with a "B". We decided he shouldn't take it again just for the prestige of a 4.0). What a smart guy!! I also got the opportunity to lead worship at our church at the beginning of the month, but got a yucky stomach bug so it had to be postponed until this month. This is a dream for me, and I'm so fortunate to be a part of a church where the leadership wants to stand with you and facilitate you reaching your highest potential and dream! I received for my graduation present a guitar (I lovingly call Firebird), which I am so excited about it helping my dream of leading worship come even closer. Philip and I also celebrated 6 awesome years of marriage to each other! We're anticipating a nice long trip to celebrate just the two of us in February. Yay!! Jude started rolling over and scooching all over the floor. Christmas was a great holiday, with lots of snow (even my first blizzard warning!), and new traditions with our own little family. It is so special to create these times with my husband and our sons. I've absolutely LOVED having a husband around. It's wonderful having him here to play with Deron so I can attend to Jude, and seeing their relationship blossom. He's such a loving and great daddy! And finally, New Years Eve was spent with great friends, and ended with communion and "speaking forth" things for the New Year. Our new season. We welcome you, 2010.

As Pastor Jaycee from YFN always says.... "The best is yet to come!!"