Monday, September 22, 2008

modern day catch

is this the future of father/son bonding?

Friday, September 19, 2008

no pictures today

Yeah, so philip and i joke about bloggers who always start out their posts with, "Geez! It's been ___ since I last posted!" So, I'm not going to start out that way. Truthfully, I've been dang busy with everything that I literally haven't had time to do much of anything, much less write a little blog post with a few pictures of probably Deron doing something breathtakingly adorable or hysterically funny or amazingly... amazing.

What's been going on lately? The loss of a dear friend, listening to teachers gripe about NCLB (is that all they ever do whenever they get together?), learning the anatomy of the vocal tract and realizing what an amazing God created us, seeing that Deron's 3T clothes don't fit anymore, pumping iron and watching muscles grow where I've never seen them before, being frustrated that I'm not really losing weight, coming back to a realization of who I am in God (He's not trying to hurt me, He's trying to kill me! - meaning my flesh), trying to think about Christmas presents early this year, waiting to see who will win on America's Got Talent, enjoying our weekly date nights on Thursdays, wondering what student teaching will be like and where my sweet son will go, enjoying pictures of a friend's new baby, and thinking of our next, and trying to catch a few moments of quiet before the next day begins.

So there you go, quick, simple, to the point. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

updates updates

So school has begun again and life has gone back to hectic and busy. At least my road to finishing school has a bright shining light at the end that I feel oh-so close to now. Every week I tell myself, "1 more down, _ to go..." I keep telling Philip that too, but for some reason, I think he has it a bit harder than I. He is, after all a full-time student, has a full-time job, and has to do all that other stuff that comes with both of those things. Every semester after the first week or so, he always looks at me in near agony at the thought of doing this for another 3 semesters... "you can do it!", I always tell him. So, pray for him (and me). It's a hard time, but we'll get through it. One great thing about this semester is that I have a class that goes until 645 on Thursdays, and he'll be waiting until I get out (he has a class that lets out at 600), and since his mom watched the bug, we have a planned date night every week, just us. I think that will be our saving grace through these next several months.

All of you should be SO proud. I did, in fact join a gym, and let it be known that I have gone every single morning (that there has not been a significant reason) since I joined! Philip asked me what my goals were when I started, and before any weight loss or muscle toning, etc are set in place, my first goal was to just get in a routine of going. They say it takes 6 weeks to form a habit of something, and I'm quickly nearing that mark. Yea! I love it.

Mon-Aerobics (BodyAttack),
Tues- weighttraining (BodyPump),
Wed- cardio (BodyStep),
Thurs- weighttraining (BodyPump),
Fri- cardio (RPM) & then strength afterwards (BodyFlow *a mixture of yoga, tai chi and pilates*)
I was scared of RPM at first (it's a biking class) 'cause I heard it would kick your rear (literally). Everyone kept telling me, "Just get through it. Don't let the pain get to you. The seat won't bother you after about the 3rd time." These aren't really words of encouragement... but I did it, and actually really liked it! It did hurt my booty, and everything around it (those seats just aren't designed for people in general), but the 2nd time, hardly noticed it at all. But it's great, I'm making friends, and I'm excited to be in a routine with it. I'd recommend it to anyone! Find a gym you really like and stick with it!

Have I mentioned that the Spanish worship team (which includes the same people from our regular worship team- that means me, too) has been invited to a conference in Detroit, MI at the beginning of October?! I'm so incredibly excited about this! Larry Titus, founder of Kingdom Global Ministries, and also our apostolic elder for our church holds a conference every year (I think) aimed towards equipping and ministering to missionaries and others around the world. There will be very powerful and anointed men and women of the faith that currently are from and serve literally the ends of the earth there to be spoken into and refreshed. Several other teams will be there to lead worship on different nights, but they all come with different cultural background and leadership. We are SO very honored, and I am SO excited! And Philip gets to come (he helps run sound)! I will definitely be back with many updates and encouragement from the leaders of the gospel that are taking His Kingdom to the far reaches of the world.

Well, there's an update for all of you. Hope you've enjoyed all the recent videos and pictures of our precious little man... he's growing up so fast. Lately, he's really been into Blue's Clues. I mean, really into it. We find clues all day and draw them in his handy dandy notebook, and we "blueskadoowecantoo" over every threshold in the house (and outside), and we sing "here's the mail it never fails, it makes me want to wag my tail, when it comes i want to wail, MAAAAAAAAIL!" over and over (with dancing, of course), yadda yadda yadda... Even as I type, I hear, "Baaalue skadoo, we can too!" as he walks into the kitchen... ha!

Be blessed, everyone.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ode to the olympics

this was a result of watching gymnastics for days at a time...
i didn't even teach him the landing! he's got it in him!